Thursday, July 14, 2011

Think What Hidden Camera Disclosed? Very rare leopard

A recently released video is a cause for celebration among those who try to rescue a cat at risk of extinction in the Earth: The Amur leopard. Loving world, only about 50 leopards in the wild.
The video camera hidden by a case recorded in April, five leopards shows heavy sluggish through the remote forests of the Far East of Russia.
Taken with other images from the camera traps, the video shows that 12 love leopards live in two reserves in Russia, Primorsky province, between the Sea of ​​Japan and the border with China.
A dozen animals may not seem like much, but the number is a marked increase in recent years, according to WWF, the group that captured the preservation of images.
"Over the past five years, camera traps, we have found record of 7-9 individual leopards in this area of ​​monitoring each year. But in this year's survey," said Sergei Aramilev, program coordinator of WWF Russia Amur branch types, said in a statement.
Spotted Cat, for the thick layers of rich famous in the winter months, once lived in northern China, the Korean peninsula and the eastern edge of Russia. Amur Leopard are now largely disappeared from its former range, with the exception of the few who live in Russia.
The new material of the big cats is the first time WWF has used the video-enabled cameras that monitor the leopards in the reserve Kedrovaya Pad Nature and Wildlife Refuge Federal Leopardoviy.